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Education Sponsorship Programme

In June 2001 we put out a call for compassionate individuals to sponsor children living in rural areas so they can continue to go to school. By December we had 397 sponsors helping children in Hunan, Shaanxi*, and Yunnan provinces. 


As of the end of 2012, nearly 2,100 students are being sponsored by individuals, a school in Hong Kong, and several companies. We have also expanded the programme to Gansu and Sichuan provinces. 


For a donation of as little as HK$100 a month, given over one year, you can send a child to school for one year. For children from primary through middle school, you are sponsoring their uniforms, mid-day meal, or even boarding fees for those who live too far away to commute. Since our ultimate goal is to help as many students as possible complete their high school education, we pool the donations together and distribute them according to the needs. We work with the local education bureau and schools to identify those families with the greatest needs. The money is paid to the schools for specific children’s tuition and fees. Our staff in China will visit periodically to confirm that the donations are being used properly. Our volunteer trips also serve as a monitoring mechanism. 


If, as a donor, you wish to correspond with a specific student, we can match you with a student and facilitate a letter exchange. Some of our donors have communicated with a sponsored student through letters for many years. 


*Sponsorship in Shaanxi ceased in 2010.

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