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Why HOPE worldwide?

Thank you for visiting our website. You know that there are many people in the world who need help. In fact, whether you see them or not, some of those people are right there in your community, in the next street, in the neighbourhood just a few stops away on the train line.


You want to do something! That something would be to volunteer, donate, and connect

Why volunteer with HOPE worldwide?

HOPE worldwide was initially set up to give Christians meaningful volunteering experiences. Not only have we stayed true to that objective, we know that many people, not just those with the Christian belief, want to give their time, energy, and talent to make this world a better place. We welcome volunteers of all ages, sizes, nationalities, special (and perhaps not-so-special) talents. Yes, we want your time and energy. We also make every effort to make it a meaningful experience for you.


Volunteering also gives you the opportunity to get to know us up close and personal. 

In Hong Kong

So if you care deeply about how you can help the elderly, our Elderly Programme connects you with the single elderly in Hong Kong. You can visit, help clean their homes, educate them about fall prevention, and even help them fulfill a wish.


Or if you are passionate about helping underprivileged children, volunteer at our centre in Shek Kip Mei, or at one of the schools we are serving in Tin Shui Wai. You can build these children’s confidence by helping them with their homework; accompany them on outings and special activities. You can even help shape their character in our Character Success Education Programme

In China

Feel the need to get out of Hong Kong? Why not take a volunteer trip with us to China? You will build special memories while making a positive impact in someone’s life. We regularly organize volunteer trips to Gansu, Sichuan, and Hunan.


Convinced yet? Go to our “Volunteer” page and download the registration form today! And make sure you sign up for our email newsletter so you don’t miss any opportunities. 

Why donate to HOPE worldwide?

It usually does not take long before a charity asks you to donate your hard-earned dollars. Yes, it’s true. We are constantly looking for more resources to help more people. But you may say, “Why HOPE worldwide?” 

What makes us unique?

We are an international organization with a strong local service presence. This means that we have access to best practices of the HOPE worldwide affiliates around the world, whether it’s in administration, fundraising, or programme design. Furthermore, our strong local service component means that we don’t simply fundraise in Hong Kong and then send the money overseas. The money stays here and helps the needy elderly and children in Hong Kong and China. 

“Let me just ask this.”

You may be concerned about the organization’s efficiency - the big old “how much are you spending on your overhead” question. Over the past 5 years, our administrations expense has been no more than 8% of the total budget. Our fundraising and public education expenses have fallen from a high of 20% of the total budget in 2009 to 13% in 2012. A charitable organization that is both viable and sustainable needs to devote a certain portion of their budget to administration and to growth (fundraising and public education). The question comes down to how acceptable are the percentages. 

“And how do I know I am making a difference?”

One of our core values is “to steward effectively the resources available to us”. So how do you know whether we are using your donations effectively? We report back to you how your gifts are bringing hope and changing lives through our monthly email newsletter, quarterly print newsletter, annual report, and website stories. And if you really want to know what’s happening in small, daily dosage, check out our daily Facebook posting. You will find our stories both interesting and inspiring.


Go ahead, try us out. Give a donation today and see what happens. 

Why connect us with corporations?

No one person, or one organization, can meet all the needs we see every day. At HOPE worldwide, we believe in the power of partnership. Corporate partnerships help us multiply the benefit we bring to the elderly and children. Since the early days of the organization, we have actively pursued and built partnerships with both local and multinational firms, all with different levels of reporting requirements. Some of the partnerships have lasted for as long as a decade.


We also provide the necessary volunteering opportunities for corporations looking to help their staff engage in the community and take their corporate social responsibility to the personal level.

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