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HOPE worldwide Centre for Kids

In 2008 we opened the first HOPE worldwide Centre for Kids to serve migrant children in Kunming, Yunnan Province. Today, there are two centres in Kunming and four centres in Chengdu, Sichuan Province. Through these centres, we provide tuition assistance, academic enhancement and character education to some of the poorest migrant workers’ children.

Tuition assistance

According to the World Bank, a high school education for the adult working members virtually guarantees a household’s exit out of poverty. Therefore, our goal is to keep the migrant children going to school by providing tuition assistance for children from the neediest families. We work with both schools and the local education bureau to identify these children. Our local staff also do home visits to ensure that the donations are going to those who need it most.

Academic enhancement

For the first hour after they arrive at the centre, the children focus on completing their homework. Staff and volunteers are available to help with any questions they have. 


We recruit volunteers from the local universities. Many of these university students are also from poor rural areas. Through giving their time and energies in our centres volunteers not only find a meaningful outlet for their talents, but they also serve as role models for the migrant children. 

The goal of true education

Nearly all of the migrant children’s parents work long hours. They are focused on making ends meet and are often uneducated themselves. They may lack energy and skills to train proper behaviour and good character into their children. As a result, many of the kids at best simply don’t know how to behave, or at worst, are out of control. 


We have taken our Character Success Education Programme in Hong Kong and replicated it in China. Our more experienced Hong Kong staff provide the necessary training. As the programme matures in China, more staff there can share experiences and best practices.

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